A Month of FMQ – Week 1


October 8, 2013 by Melissa

As I posted last week, I’ve committed to spending the month of October practicing my free motion quilting skills (or lack thereof). I’m using Angela Walter’s book Free Motion Quilting as a guide, trying each of her designs throughout the month. Yesterday, I finished the first week of my schedule. So how did I do? Well…I need to keep at it for sure.

Oct 1: Make Sandwiches

No problem.


Oct 2: Swirls

Hmm. I would say this one is a fail. Swirls are damn hard. For comparison, the green is my work, the white is from Free Motion Quilting. See the difference?20131008-142059.jpg

Oct 3: Swirled Hook

What the hay? As if swirls weren’t hard enough, now I have to add a hook (or a claw by the looks of it). And yes, I got bored and tried to write my name on the right side.


Oct 4: Paisley

Okay, I’m getting over the panic. Paisley isn’t too hard. Sure, my “paisley” looks a little more like oyster shells and I’m really struggling with tension issues and crappy thread. But why waste the good stuff on this?


Oct 5: Loop & Double Loop

This is more like it! I really should have started with the loop and double loop. These feel so much simpler than the swirls! What I’m also realizing is that I should start the patterns on a larger scale than what’s in the book. It’s so much smoother when I keep the shapes big.


Oct 6: Pebbles (even)

Aaaannnnddd…we’re back to banging my head against the wall. I’ve always liked the look of pebbles but I can promise you I’ll never attempt this pattern on my own. Holy cow, it takes forever. Also my pebbles are not even and certainly not round and I can’t figure out how to keep from retracing my shapes as often as I am.20131008-142728.jpg

Oct 7: Practice All

And on the seventh day she tried again. At least I learned to write my name in cursive. Surely that will come in handy, right?


Seriously, it may not be apparent, but I feel like I’m making some progress. I’m certainly learning a few things (start big, lower the tension, avoid the damn pebbles, etc.) so I’m still glad I’ve undertaken this goal. Unfortunately this week brings more pebbles and the one that scares me the most – seafoam!









One thought on “A Month of FMQ – Week 1

  1. Cindy says:

    I am impressed by your discipline & tenacity. I have a few quilt tops I could pass along for you to practice. Seriously.

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