Free Motion Month


October 1, 2013 by Melissa

I have a plan!

I’ve learned so much about quilting and sewing since I rediscovered this hobby earlier this year. Piecing, designs, modern vs traditional styles, fabric selections, batting choices, tools, and techniques. But one thing I haven’t had much success with is free motion quilting.

So far, I’ve done most all of my quilts with straight-line quilting or sent them out for professional long-arm quilting. I’d really like to learn to do more with my home machine though.
Last month I bought Angela Walter’s book Free Motion Quilting and I love it! She does such a good job explaining how to make each of the beautiful designs in the book. The photos and drawings are great guides. I’ve tried some of the designs in the book with a teeny tiny bit of success. But I’ve heard over and over again that free motion quilting is something you have to practice regularly and that’s where I’ve had trouble.

So – I know how I work best – with a goal and a plan. My goal is to improve my FMQ skills over the next month to the point that I can start doing some of my own quilts. And my plan? I’ve selected 22 designs from Angela’s book. I’ll focus on one a day for five days at a time. In the off days, I’ll make quilt sandwiches for practicing on and repeat any designs that I struggle with.
Am I an over-the-top planner? Yes. Clearly. But this is how I work best!

Here’s this week’s schedule if you want to follow along πŸ™‚

    Oct 1: make sandwiches
    Oct 2: swirls
    Oct 3: swirled hook
    Oct 4: paisley
    Oct 5: loop & double loop
    Oct 6: pebbles (even)
    Oct 7: practice all!



3 thoughts on “Free Motion Month

  1. […] I posted last week, I’ve committed to spending the month of October practicing my free motion quilting skills […]

  2. Becky Biddle says:

    Congratulations on setting this goal! I am also working on learning free motion with Angela Walters, I love her book! She also has 3 classes on Craftsy. It is VERY helpful to see the motion of quilting in a video…and she does trace over her pebbles a lot. I also enjoy seeing a professional, published quilter making mistakes πŸ™‚ Also look at free motion quilting with Leah Day. You can get her classes at 1/2 off by following the link to craftsy through her website “the free motion quilting project”. I am half way through the class. Hopefully I will have the finished quilt to bring to our ECMQG meeting next month. Have fun with your learning!

  3. […] reason for a little snuggly project. I finished piecing it after I had spent about two weeks in my “Month of Free Motion Quilting” so I thought I’d give it a […]

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