How to celebrate Independence Day – 5 easy ways


July 8, 2013 by Melissa

Happy belated 4th of July my friends! It was so great to spend along weekend with my husband. We had almost 9 inches of rain since last Wednesday which meant we spent a lot of time together this weekend…annoying each other, pestering each other, and generally driving each other bonkers. The rain let up just in time for neighborhood fireworks though. I didn’t bring a real camera with me but here was the scene around the pool from my phone.


Option 1: Fireworks

On Friday, we tried to get all patriotic with a trip to the Naval Air Museum. Ironically, our favorite part this time was the IMAX movie about the Canadian Rockies.

Option 2: See the [Sequestered] Blue Angels

Option 2: See the (Sequestered) Blue Angels

 Saturday I spent nearly the whole day in bed with back problems. But still celebrated our freedom by watching Bonanza (yay for the 2nd Amendment). And with Liz Lemon (1st Amendment and just straight up hilarious).


Option 3: Indulgence

I started to feel better on Sunday so we did what every American homeowner does on a summer weekend…we went to Lowe’s. Gag. I had to counter that with some sewing time so I made some pillow covers for our porch.


Option 4: Craftiness!


Note: Option 4 is dog approved.

And then came Monday – the most patriotic day of all. The day of my first jury summons. Soooo, I’ll be out of touch for a couple of days this week, doing my civic duty and all. Sort of screws up my sewing and project plans for the week but God bless America, at least they have Diet Dr. Pepper.


Option 5: Doing my civic duty (aka, waiting)

And that, in a nutshell, was my Independence Day Weekend. I hope you not only had a fantastic holiday, but I also hope you took much better and more interesting photos of it all.


One thought on “How to celebrate Independence Day – 5 easy ways

  1. Cindy says:

    You’re the second person I know who has Jury duty this week. Interesting.

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