June 26, 2013 by Melissa

I am overwhelmed by unfinished objects (UFOs) right now. It’s too hot to stay in my steamy, over-the-garage sewing room with a hot iron so I haven’t felt motivated to do anything more than little bits and pieces over the past week. Is it too soon to miss winter?


I’m a little late to the Swoon party but I’m finally getting there! I pulled the trigger and cut into my cache of Amy Butler prints and I love how it’s coming together. I bought Camille Roskelley’s two books Simplify and Simply Retro after starting Swoon – that’s how much I love it. Big, simple, modern blocks in bright colors. Perfect.


I’m participating in a Modern Maples quilt along. According to our schedule, I should have two rows completed. Instead, I did all my cutting and piecing and will put the rows together later. So I guess that puts me ahead of schedule in my own way.


Out of curiosity, I tried some applique today. The last time I appliqued anything was 20 years ago when I was making sorority shirts for my “littles” with double-sided fuse and puffy paint. Aww yeah. This will be a pillow for the cozy daybed on our screened porch.

If I ever finish it. Or anything else.


2 thoughts on “UFOs

  1. It’s been so hot here I haven’t wanted to quilt at all in what little free time I have. Normally, I love to work on something even if only for fifteen minutes. Whew! Too hot!! : ) -Jamie

  2. Kira Bell says:

    Don’t worry I only have 2 blocks done so far. I am the worlds worst for procrastinating.

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