Happy Monday…er, Tuesday

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May 28, 2013 by Melissa

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a meaningful Memorial Day. This weekend we relaxed. Really relaxed. As in no to-do lists, no running errands, no appointments…relaxed. It was awesome. We even napped.

And now it’s time to get down to business! This week, I’m:

  • cleaning out the window seats (the catch-all storage areas of our home)
  • cleaning out the junk drawer (did this over the weekend. The tally – 5 garage door openers, 3 boxes of flea and tick treatment, 2 cans of Deep Woods Off, 2 things of super glue, 3 boxes of pop rocks, a bag of balloons, and enough matchbooks to get us through the next 30 hurricanes.)
  • dusting all the light fixtures and fans in the house
  • scheduling A/C service
  • fixing the wireless signal (also did this over the weekend because my husband bought a new iPad and was sad that he couldn’t really use it yet)

Now for the fun stuff. I’m going to :

  • quilt my x+ quilt finally and maybe even bind it – oooo!
  • make a new pillow for my craft room
  • possibly start a simple 9-patch quilt with my Amy Butler spots collection
  • do a little scrapbooking

And in the not-fun-but-eventually-will-be-fun category – vacation planning. I know it seems like we just had a vacation but my husband insists on two a year – spring and fall. Sounds great, right? Actually, vacationing was the topic of our first fight. I have never been a vacationer. Probably because my family moved around a lot and spent plenty of time overseas so I never felt like we weren’t traveling. The idea of spending money to do it has always seemed overly indulgent to me. But after almost three years of marriage, I’m coming around to his way of thinking! Still though, the planning and reservation process always irks me for some reason. But once I get through that…we’ll have this to enjoy:

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

So if you’ve spent any time in Alberta, please leave me your travel tips – I’m clueless!



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