Art Student Tote


May 23, 2013 by Melissa

First, let me apologize for the awful pictures. I need to suck it up and get my big camera out but the phone is so convenient!

Yesterday I made Anna Maria Horner’s Art Student Tote. Yep, in one day! This bag is huge and awesome.


It’s really deep with inner pockets on both sides. You can customize these to fit whatever you’d like – I made a few 6.5″ wide to hold notebooks and patterns, and a bunch of smaller 1-2″ wide for pens, seam rippers, scissors, etc. Guess what I’ll be using it for.


seriously – look how deep it is!


I was trying to find an Essex Dyed Linen for the outside but had no luck so I settled for this nearly black something instead. The straps and lining are Pat Bravo Rock n’ Romance prints. I love these fabrics – they’re not only beautiful but they feel amazing!


The pattern has two zippered pockets on the outside. I’ll admit – this is my first time sewing a zipper. Not too hard at all. I think my pocket placement was a bit off though because I had to go back and adjust the straps later. But if I can finish a project like this with only one mistake I count it as a win!


I’m already picking out fabrics to make another Art Student Tote. The pattern has three versions including one with an extension panel at the top (as if it needs to be any bigger).  What I like about that version is that it has a zipper across the top preventing any nefarious evil-doer from swiping my fabric stash or rotary cutter from out of my bag.

P.S. I tried to get some good pictures of the bag in action but my husband absolutely refused to model it. Apparently Rock ‘n Romance is not manly.


3 thoughts on “Art Student Tote

  1. That bag is GORGEOUS! Nice work.

  2. Kim G says:

    So … after seeing your bag in action I promptly went to A&E a bought this pattern! LOVE IT!!!

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