Plodding Along


May 7, 2013 by Melissa

It’s coming along (very slowly). My version of the Japanese X&+ quilt with Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study and whole heck of a lot of random whites, creams, and blacks. I’ve worn out a rotary blade, given myself a blister, and completely alienated my husband. And I’m only half way through.

If I ever (HA!) do this again, I would enlarge these blocks to 12″.

I sucked it up the other day and spent an hour cutting a ton of fabric and stacking it into groups. Now I’m just working my way through each group to stitch up a block at a time. It’s the pressing that’s taking me forever.

But…it sure is purty!

20130507-085307.jpgThis is 24 blocks. My plan was to make it 7×9 blocks for a lap quilt size. That means I have 39 blocks to go. Holy moley…


4 thoughts on “Plodding Along

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