Decision Time!


May 6, 2013 by Melissa

So if you don’t know me personally, let me explain that I am a former middle school teacher who became a corporate trainer about 11 years ago. I loved my job in training – it’s just as fun as teaching but way more hands-on and your students are strongly compelled to learn because you’re making their jobs easier. But sometime around 2006, my company had a desperate need for someone to take over their web design and since I’d had a couple of courses in it, I was the obvious choice (duh). With two web classes under my belt and nothing to lose, I became a web developer. I did a great job with the company’s sites and was appreciated for my work but something was compelling me to make a change. A little over a year ago, I left the company I loved and took a new job in web development thinking that would be the change I needed.

I was wrong. And so I quit my job last week.

And everyone thinks I’ve lost my mind because I don’t have another job yet. But you know what? Life is too short.

So here I am – about to be jobless at the end of the week (or “retired” as a friend put it) and I’m really happy about it. My husband has encouraged me to take some time to enjoy life, volunteer, get some projects done, and reevaluate. I think that’s a great idea. For the next few months, I’m going to be researching some companies, networking, and taking a hard look at where I want to go from here. And because I’m a big nerd, I’m going to be doing this:


Project Jar (or “Artsy Jar of Celery”)

This is a jar full of projects. We (mostly me) put together a list of over 50 things that we’ve been meaning to do around the house, errands that need to be run, etc. The projects are color-coded (of course) – white are “easy,” done-in-a day type of things; green require a professional or some sort of larger expense. The plan is to draw five projects each Sunday, making sure not to overload the week with green projects, and complete those items throughout the coming week. Anal? Yes. Exciting? Well, maybe just to me.

I’ll be posting a weekly update of my projects here so please excuse my nerdiness!

I’m excited to fill the coming days with a feeling of accomplishment, some time to exercise and walk the dog, volunteer activities, and obviously some crafting. There’s always time for crafting 🙂


5 thoughts on “Decision Time!

  1. Great decision!! I retired almost two years ago and am loving it! I have time now to do the things I really love…like quilting, volunteering, kayaking, biking…the list is never-ending. I think you’ll find yourself even busier than when you were working, and find each day very fulfilling. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Cindy says:

    The only constant in life is change. I am happy for you. i LOVE the project jar idea. And might I also suggest, a jar for “fun to do” things. You know, make homemade ice cream, or take a walk on the beach, or wake up early to watch a meteor shower, etc.

  3. […] this week’s around-the-house projects […]

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