Travel Project Follow Up

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April 29, 2013 by Melissa

My husband and I spent five long, sunny days at Henderson Park Inn in Destin last week. My idea of vacationing has always been something adventuresome – those days where you fall asleep completely physically exhausted. My husband likes that too, but he also likes to temper those types of trips with low-key, no-agenda, restful holidays. And I must say, he’s winning me over. Our days consisted of huge and amazing breakfasts (I’m not kidding that the inn’s chef makes the best omelets in the world), beach walks, naps in our beach chairs, reading on our balcony, more naps, cocktail hour, dinner, and more reading. It was pretty fantastic.

So here’s the follow-up on a few things I did manage to accomplish in between naps and meals.

The Books

20130425-090747.jpgThe Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro was touted in one review as a great book for Downton Abbey fans and I would agree. The narrator, Mr. Stevens, bears a strong resemblance to Mr. Carson from Downton but with the interpersonal skills of Sheldon Cooper mixed in. A bit of a sad retrospective but a great read.

20130425-091042.jpgAs I mentioned in a previous post, One Hundred Years of Solitude has haunted me for what seems like 100 years because it was the one book I started but couldn’t finish long ago. I’m proud to say that I am half-way through it and committed to the end! I’m definitely enjoying it more this time. One Hundred Years…falls into that genre of mystical realism much like Swamplandia and The Life of Pi – and so it takes some flexiblity to read through passages that make absolutely no sense and focus instead on the symbolism of it all. If you take up this book, I would recommend taking notes about the characters. There’s a family tree in the beginning to help you out but most of the male figures share names in the Latin tradition so it can be tough to remember who is who. The writing and the imagery is truly beautiful but it takes some work to read this one.

The Craft Project

I brought along my Summer Sampler Series quilt in order to hand-bind it, which I did, on our balcony watching the dolphins frolic. Ahhh…

Anyway, I wrote about it over here. I’m so glad this one is done!


Here’s to many more do-nothing vacations in paradise!



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