Summer Sampler Swear Word


April 27, 2013 by Melissa

I was inspired to try the Summer Sampler Series on Fresh Lemon Quilts a few weeks back. As I mentioned before, this was my first “traditional” block quilt and my first time paper piecing. I truly enjoyed learning about each block and gaining some new skills.


I am SO TIRED of this quilt! The real problem was my fabric selection. I won a gift certificate to Southern Fabric a few weeks back and with it, I purchased a layer cake of Oh Deer! by Momo – really cute, bright, bold prints…that I got tired of real quickly.

Not only that, but I ran out of my neutral fabric, found some more in my stash and went along my merry way only to realize later that it’s not the same color at all. At that point though, I was done.

I think if I tuck this quilt away for a while, and come back to it someday, I’ll really like the quirkiness of it and forget all about the labor pains. I hope. Because it took me for-ev-ah.



What I learned from this project:

Some projects are just skill builders so try to relax and learn. Also, build a stash – not just of great patterns to mix into projects, but also of neutrals – many many of yards of neutrals! Finally, basting spray – why have I not discovered this before?! Awesome stuff!


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