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April 19, 2013 by Melissa

I started writing this post on my phone but gave up because I couldn’t find the “+” on my iPhone. Ah technology…

I’ve been hoarding Anna Maria Horner Field Study prints for my first super scrappy, ecclectic modern quilt. That’s quite a description, huh? It’s an X & + design (surprisingly easy) – no pattern, just measurements. I had just an hour to play in the craft room earlier this week so I tried a few blocks.

x & +

x & +

my first four x & + blocks

my first four x & + blocks

I’m using Field Study for the small pluses and the cross arms of the Xs. The extensions of the pluses are dark values from my stash and from Shades of Black and Comma charm packs. The backgrounds are light values from my stash.

Admittedly, I’m a very new quilter and not very original so all of my projects I see as skill-builders. Which is why I don’t feel any shame that I’m totally copying this beautiful quilt:

Bijou Lovely's x & +

Bijou Lovely’s x & +

I swoon over Bijou Lovely’s x+ quilt. If the front doesn’t make you “ooo!” just look at the back – it’s my favorite Field Study print (Coordinates in Plum) in…VELVETEEN! So yeah – I’m on the hunt for a velveteen sale!


3 thoughts on “X & +

  1. Cindy says:

    That is going to be beautiful. If you bring that to our next Meet & Sew Day, be prepared for all of the oohing and aahhing and ogling.

  2. […] coming along (very slowly). My version of the Japanese X&+ quilt with Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study and whole heck of a lot of random whites, creams, and […]

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