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April 2, 2013 by Melissa

Before I left for my vacation, I wrote about my plans for keeping busy while I travel. I always like to have a variety of entertainment options so I took a book, a movie, and a craft project.

The book:

Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn

Whoa. If you’ve read Gone Girl don’t worry – this one isn’t quite as distrubing. Sharp Objects was great. I started reading it on our flight from Atlanta to Denver. By the time we landed (3 hours), I was 50 pages from the end and I could have easily been talked into sitting on the tarmac another 30 minutes so I could finish. Unfortunately luckily for me, we were stuck on the interstate for a few hours because the roads were closed (blizzard) so I finished it then. OMG. Just read it.

The Movie:

Anna Karenina

I watched Anna Karenina on the flight from Denver to Atlanta. I love this book and Keira Knightley is pretty awesome so I had been looking forward to seeing it. But the reviews were pretty mixed, and I’ll admit – the artsy direction of it was a little distracting sometimes. Overall though, I loved it. It did stray from the book a bit but c’mon…it’s Russian lit – does anyone really want to watch a two hour missive on the joys of socialism? It’s much more interesting to witness Anna’s passionate self-destruction in beautiful clothing.

The craft project:

This was my inspiration from You Go Girl – a precious circular sampler design with flowers, leaves, french knots, and an adorable little dragonfly. And mine? Well…not so cute. But it was fast and it kept me busy while we were snowbound for a while. My French knots just suck! I think I should leave the embroidery to the experts.




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