Weekend Projects – cutting up


March 11, 2013 by Melissa


This weekend was fantastic. A trip to my favorite fabric source – A&E Pharmacy, a little shoe shopping, a fun Beatles-themed fundraising gala, some quilt prep, and a new toy!

At A&E, I picked up some Kona solid yardage and a little bit of Tula Pink fabric to complete the back of my Scamper/Saltwater quilt. Late last night I pieced the backing fabric, thinking I would take it for professional quilting this week. Sadly, my backing fabric is just big enough for the quilt top but not big enough for long-arm quilting (apparently, you need about 4 inches on all sides for the machine to grip to). So it looks like I’m quilting this one myself – gulp.

My real goal for this trip was to find some coordinating fabric to back what would become my Patone-inspired solid triangles quilt. I am so happy with my choices! To go with the colors you see above, I picked Jay McCarroll’s City Center – Denver in Midtown. It’s perfect (and so not what I would normally gravitate towards!). The orange piece (don’t know the name) will be my binding.


I was so excited about this find that I spent a good part of the weekend cutting triangles for this quilt. I had no intention of starting it but I just couldn’t resist! The cutting went so fast that I also started piecing it and I’m nearly done with it already. I can’t wait to share some pics of it!

We went a great fundraiser Saturday night. I had a sort of mod looking dress in my closet that I bought (cheap) in London several years ago and had never worn because it was a bit long on me. So a few hours before this event Saturday, I taught myself how to do a blind hem. No pressure, right?! It turned out really good – no worries (also no pictures).

Finally, the big fun of the weekend – and in no way craft related – was finally picking up the birthday present! It smells divine!

Plum and June
If you’re here from Busy Bee Quilts please understand that I can’t follow directions. My thumbnail image should say “A spoiled puppy and two jealous cats.” 🙂 Thanks for understanding.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Projects – cutting up

  1. What a great color palette! That print really does pull it all together – well done!

  2. Jamie Lee says:

    Okay, did you get a new car? I am so jealous!

    I do love that Jay McCarroll fabric. And your triangles are gorgeous!

    I’ve had that happen too, where I just had enough fabric to squeak by on the backing. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Deb says:

    Enjoy that new car smell and your new project looks great~!

  4. […] don’t want to bombard you with one giant post so here’s just one project to start with. I cut up the fabric for this quilt a few weeks back and while doing so, I kept thinking about circus peanuts – you know, those nasty orange […]

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