Fabric Lust


March 6, 2013 by Melissa

I may be obsessed. Everyday (every single day!) I check my favorite online fabric shops for new arrivals and “coming soon” fabric lines. I have a Pinterest board of fabrics I want to buy. I browse through it regularly just because it’s pretty! I subscribe to all my favorite shops’ newsletters and blogs so that I can find out about the newest lines and sales. It’s only Wednesday and I am already giddy about making a little trip to my favorite local quilt shop on Saturday. Fabric lust has really taken hold of me.
On my current wish list:


Maritime Modern in Gray


Tsuru by Rashida Coleman


Full Moon Lagoon by Mo Beddell


Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker


The Land That Never Was

Not to mention…that little tease from Birch Fabrics – Charlie Harper coming in 2013!



One thought on “Fabric Lust

  1. Renee says:

    Ohhhh those seahorses!! Love. I’ve had my eye on those Tsuru crane fabrics for a while…really don’t need to be buying more fabric though!

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