Weekend Project – Modern Flying Geese

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January 23, 2013 by Melissa

I used to make baby quilts for my friends’ newborns. I wouldn’t say I was very good at quilting but I was great at picking fabrics. I never had a great sewing machine so many of my quilts were hand tied and most had some pretty ugly seams. At some point, I stopped making these quilts. Probably because my circle of friends got to that age when getting pregnant would not be such a joy anymore. (“She’s pregnant!” is said in a very different tone of voice at ages 20, 27, and 34, isn’t it?)

Modern Designs for Classic Quilts: 12 Traditionally Inspired Patterns Made NewAbout a month ago, I got the bug again. Not for kids…just for quilting. I picked up Modern Designs for Classic Quilts by Kelly Biscopink and Andrea Johnson. I was so excited to start that I actually picked out fabrics for each quilt in the book, made little notes in the sidelines, and created a Pinterest board to get organized. Then I dragged my poor sweet husband to Pensacola’s secret treasure trove of fabrics A&E Pharmacy. I bought a mass of Amy Butler and Tula Pink fabrics that day. Then, with the flying geese pattern “In the Clouds” in front of me, I sat down to start piecing…and promptly broke my good ol’ machine.

Long story short, “In the Clouds” isn’t exactly my best work but after one long weekend, two machines, three broken needles, and two crafting injuries, IT IS DONE. It’s not very good but I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back at a sewing machine. This weekend, I’ll be moving on to my next pattern – more on that later!

IMG_2632 IMG_2633


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