Fabric Storage

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January 23, 2013 by Melissa

A while back I saw these great fabric storage thingamabobs at an online store. Basically, they are plastic sheets with notches in them. You hook your fabric on one side and wind it around so you end up with a mini-bolt. And for the low low price of $8 for a three pack, it would only cost me $200 to clean up my fabric stash. That’s $200 I could spend at Anthropologie. So – new solution – make my own!

  1. Go to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or a well stocked grocery store and buy a bunch of foam boards. You’ll find them by school supplies for about $2-3 each for a 20″x30″ board.
  2. Get out a big ruler and a rotary cutter (with a mat – please don’t damage the coffee table). My blade was a little dull so I also had to use an Xacto knife to clean up the cuts.


    Mini bolts in the making.

  3. I cut my boards down to 7.5″x5″ pieces and got 10 out of each board. The only reason I cut to this size was to fit them nicely in my little cabinet so just cut what you need.
  4. Fold your fabric nicely (you’ll thank me later) and wrap the length of it around a freshly cut board piece. Use a T-pin to secure it in place.



Oranganize your pretty little fabric bolts by designer, style, color family, or Dewey Decimal System and send a picture to all your jealous OCD friends!


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